trans tala

easy rhythm with body and voice

trans tala introduces specific exercises, using hand clapping, reciting of rhythmic syllables, basic steppings and body expression in order to easily understand and absorb the refined structures of tala, India’s ancient science of rhythm.

the exercises are built on our own inner pulse and stimulate the independence and integration of left an right and of the three body levels: voice, hands and feet.

both, experienced musicians who strive for complex rhythmical patterns, and those who have little practice in score notation and rhythm, will easily gain access to and understand about rhythmical intricacy.

this holistic approach to rhythm can be applied to any musical situation and style of music, to vocal techniques, to any instrument, to drumming, percussion and dance, as there is no need to learn new instrumental techniques.

the course is open to all those who are interested in rhythm, whether they are contemporary performers, composers, actors, musicians, dancers, therapists, teachers of the healing arts and teachers in the general educational system.

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