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setu\\the 2

setu\\the2 is a new duo project that emerges from the setu.bandh pool of musicians, coming from a back ground of either western classical music, and\or jazz, rock, contemporary and new music. both musicians studied traditional music in india with eminent masters.

by integrating devices for live looping and electronics into their already existing global musical vocabulary, they are moving beyond, dissolving boundaries, but still with a respect for tradition.

spontaneous compositions and east\west improvisational techniques ... transform an overlapping of different influences into post traditional music, a music which is a blending of sensitive, free linear chamber music,´dance-like and ad hoc produced electronic and loop ostinati’.

with a larger perspective in mind, we see our music also as meditative-healing music... quality music... that perhaps allows sacred thoughts... intermediate music that is inspired and influenced by the spirituality of classical indian and other eastern music, the freedom of avantgarde jazz and the harmony of early european music.

if we'd find that magic musical touch and organic feeling, it could be a very positive, strong, honest and powerful experience, providing some good vibes, literally, for these specific moments of present history, for these troubled times.


perc\guzheng\voice\live looping\electronics


modified violins\live looping\vocal percussion\electronics

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