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post-world improvised music\live looping

hi, i am glorian. i compose music for contemporary multimedia projects, perform my own music live on electric guzheng and percussion, and also together with multimedia music\dance projects.

i propose circledrumevents (community drumming) and inner Sounds relaxation\healing workshops, training courses and concerts with tibetan bowls and gongs.

you may enjoy watching some of my life performance video clips on the vimeo player below. more clips at youtube and

listen to my music at the online radio and download mp3 and higher quality samples at bandcamp.

click the reverbnation widgets all over the site for music samples (more music at myspace and facebook pages).

NEW     flac, apple lossless, ogg, free mp3 downloads at bandcamp >


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ulm kulturnacht

leipzig workshop

leipzig performance

vhulm cajon workshop

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deggingen circledrum

vhulm cajon workshop

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vhulm performance

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