sonic concert/sound relaxation

innerSounds is a unique musical event, in which the sound of a setting of various tibetan bowls, gongs and tubular bells blend together in a harmonious soundscape and capture the energies of this very moment in space\time.

as opposed to what we usually listen to in music, there are no familiar melodic movements, there is no rhythmical definition, but there are sound waves and unexpected and surprising sound structures that are conducive to a dream state where the whole body, bones, pores of the skin, inner organs and even more subtle stratas of our being par-ticipate.

innerSounds symbolically moves through the 5 elements earth\water\ fire\air\space carrying the listeners through multiple sonic layers and rhythmical spaces. the silence of these sonic spaces, seeing sounds emerge, resounding hidden realms and reminding us of the interaction between body, mind and spirit, between worlds within and without...

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