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a cross culture project, setu.bandh is composed of musicians from india, hungary, georgia, israel, uk and germany.

in the cultural polarity between india, the middle east, eastern and western europe, traditional styles and modern musical trends merge. the range spans from ragas and rhythms of india, via georgian vocal and instrumental music to the influence of contemporary music and jazz.

intensity, powerful cross rhythm grooves, floating melodies and sonic layers create multi colored sound scapes that permeate time, space and cultural spheres.

setu.bandh - from sanskrit - literally means bridge. a musical bridge between the traditional and the contemporary, it symbolizes tolerance and communication between cultures, a liberal and creative exchange of ideas and experiences, beyond cultural, political, social and religious boundaries and restrictions.

over the years we have shared our musical experiences and have collaborated in various constellations. hence the idea to join forces and create a pool of musicians\dancers\vjs\multimedia artists. each time the band performs we feature different sets of musicians\vocalists\dancers. we are open, others will join. it’s a living process.

friedrich perc\guzheng\voice\live electronics

sheela choreography\coaching

kamal sarangi\voice

zaza miminoshvili.geo guitar\panduri

uschi harp\kora/voice

zurab j.gagnidze.geo bass\voice

sandhya vocals\tanpura

zoltán  modified violins\live looping

renu tabla\percussion

omri hason.israel world percussion

sarvar tabla\percussion

uday dhrupad vocals

veena dance

pauline dance

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