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an interactive live installation for dance, music and visuals (2010)

RE_ACTION_4 explores the transformation\deformation process of organic structures and human generated geometrical forms, using interactive dance, life music (electro-acoustic) and video projection, inspired by the minimalist design ideas of bauhaus and hfg ulm (ulm school of design), and the 12th century mathematical Fibonacci series (golden section).

4 is all about trans-coding sound, rhythm and form. when boiled down to their basic\underlying elements\molecular structure, they reveal a universal code or codified language, inherent in natural growth patterns and cultural esthetics, like mathematics, geometry, architecture, music, dance and other art forms, intrinsically linking disciplines and creative\cultural approaches.

4's real time manipulated visual material - a distillation from basic geometrical forms, decomposing industrial structures (including stills of the chernobyl reactor 4\atomic bombing of hiroshima) and blow ups of natural growth patterns - fuels the dancers' and musicians' creative expression.

computer operated tracking systems, using infra red light, allow the dancers (through movement and voice) to inter:act with their visual and sonic environment in real time, to trigger/modulate music and vary the shape, color and pattern of the videos displayed on the screens.

sound becomes a visual medium, dance and movement turn into sound-sensing action, making disciplines intersect.

the visual material is projected on movable screens, set within the performance space. the dancers shift the screen according to their movement needs and for specific projection arrangements, creating an ever moving performance environment.

an open performing space, RE_ACTION_
4 allows the audience to move around freely, to experience the installation from different ankles and inter:act with the performance environment.

installed and performed by

friedrich  concept, nuzheng, perc, voice, looping, fx

zoltan  life music (violins, live looping, voice)

sheela\fr  choreography, coaching

nn  video, real time processing, tracking

nn  music, video, computer controlled fx, tracking

dancers  tba

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part I - geometrical structures

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