nada sadhana

healing energies of indian vocal music

indian music is based on the yogic science of nada. nada sadhana stands apart as a spiritual practice. it uses the musical form of raga (melodic movement) and tala (rhythm) and privileges the human voice, unique in its capacity to express sensations, emotions, as well as tensions, well being and disease. the healing and harmonizing possibilities of the voice are immense.

from a holistic point of view, Indian music helps to maintain the relation between man and nature, in order to synchronize the individual and cosmic vibrations.

nada sadhana includes exercises from both Yoga and the Indian musical tradition (asana\body, pranayama\breath, nada anusandhana\ voice), but also draws on a more recent holistic vocal experience combining movement, breath and sound, turning the body into a vibrant instrument.

the singing of specific vowels (akar\omkar), of intervals (sargam) and melodic movements of the ragas to the full harmonic drone of the tanpura, is an appropriate means to let sound energy flow freely through the resonant spaces and energetic centers of the body, and consequently deepening the breath and harmonizing it with the original body rhythms.

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