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handsdancefeet explores the rhythmical interplay of the dancer’s body and feet, and the dancing movements of the musicians' hands.

vocal percussion is a common language for musical instruments, percussion and dance, and the medium through which they interact, creating stories told without words.

handsdancefeet spins a cross cultural net, transforms material from the indian tradition, from urban and contemporary music and dance styles into sonic dialogues, spontaneous improvisation and new soundscapes. music fades into dance, dance glides into music, carried through spacetime by their original energy: rhythm.

friedrich  perc\guzheng\voice\live looping\electronics

zoltán  modified violins\live looping\vocal percussion


sheela  artistic director\coaching

pauline  dance\vocal percussion

denny pawel  dance

at the festival musicale del mediterraneo, genova 06\2007

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