the body & sound dimension

a course designed for musicians\dancers\actors

with sheela raj and friedrich glorian

neuromuscular integration exercises

these simple exercises based on yoga postures and also on a specific method of body and breath coordination, create a mind\body connection and balance on all levels of the body's functioning.

neurorespiratory integration

these simple techniques of breath control promote health and vitality. they also help to settle the awareness. As a result the power of concentration increases, as well as the capacity to be fully present in the here and now.


the pacifying of the body and the breath leads to a state of relaxation where stress and tensions are released and the deep tissues are allowed to recuperate.


these techniques are a very valuable tool for all artists in terms of practicing with the minimum expenditure of physical energy.

rhythmic resonance\body percussion

built on one's own inner pulse, these exercises stimulate the independence and integration of the three body levels voice, hands, feet, as well as the two hemispheres of the brain. a global approach, the experience results in the interplay of different levels of rhythmical perception and expression, and can be applied to any style of music, dance and acting situation.

overtone singing

an ancient voice technique from central asia (mongolia\tuva\tibet). based on the harmonic series (the prima materia of music), which the voice produces naturally, overtone singing allows one to sing two distinct tones/voices simultaneously. vowels and the breath help to experience the vocal resonances of the body.


all the above mentioned techniques are of vital importance for musicians, dancers and actors when used as a preparation for their own technical practices.

a vitalized, supple and breathing body is more capable of executing technical difficulties with greater ease, whatever the technique may be.

stress due to faulty body patterns may also be dealt with in a more intelligent way. awareness of the quality and use of the breath in terms of dynamics can also enhance musical perception and control. balanced and vitalized brain hemispheres open doors to effortless learning and memorizing.

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