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15 minutes daily new energies during the school day with body percussion, vocal beats (rhythmic vocal sounds) and drumming together, before the classes start. no excessive preparation necessary.

body percussion and vocal beats (without instruments) are introduced from the beginning. drumming on circle drums comes in progressively.

simple rhythmical building blocks, on a daily base, provide a hands-on experience for the kids through their time at school.

the building blocks can be adapted to any school situation and create a dynamic and fun environment that ensures success rapidly.

circledrumevent should be part of any school’s curriculum, as a daily percussion ritual and as a shared musical experience.

the workshop is specifically designed for   

educators\music teachers\general school teachers

interactive drumming with classes. the circledrumevent offers skills and learning facilities for school teachers and educators to incorporate interactive drumming, that is fun, creative and inspiring, into their curriculum. community drumming, body percussion and vocal beats (rhythmic vocal sounds) help develop social skills like communication, listening to others, concentration, team building and social responsibility.

from the start the group shares a common rhythmical base. drumming with the circle drums is a powerful means to rapidly turn the class into a percussion group, focusing on musical dialog and improvisation. a non verbal group experience, drumming helps to stimulate breath, movement, a feel for rhythm, intuition and creative expression in a playful way. this concept can be applied at anytime and in any place, with and without instruments.

the workshop is specifically designed for   

educators\music teachers\general school teachers

the circledrumevent at school with body percussion, voice, easy to play circle drums and lots of fun, kids drumunicate and regain spontaneous access to music and rhythm in a nurturing environment. drumming encourages self expression and self esteem, the capacity to cooperate through musical communication.

drumming together enhances the creative communication of feelings and emotions, community building, listening to others. all this contributes to a healthier school environment. as a bonus, musical\rhythmical bases like meter, pulse, dynamics, improvisation and collaboration with others are developed in a playful way.

for all kinds of schools     

1 unit of 2 hours


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