the 5 elements

the five keys to inner knowledge

with sheela raj and friedrich glorian

a week long experimental workshop using body, breath, sound and meditation. based on the ancient yogic\tantric practice known as tattwa shuddhi (purification of and through the elements), we have developed a more contemporary and free form system where we explore the 5 elements through

the body

yoga\dance\free movement

the breath

pranyama\yogic breathing techniques

the voice

singing of intervals\scales\chanting of mantras


use of specific musical instruments

music of the elements


rhythmic patterns related to the elements

color and form

impact of color\form on our consciousness

last but not least

techniques to gain access to the mind

(use of yantras, guided and free form meditation)

throughout the ages, diverse cultures worldwide have used the theme of the 'elements' as a process to self evolution and spiritual growth. everything that we do or think is under the influence of the 5 elements (earth\water\fire\air\space), for they permeate the body-mind.

the qualities invoked by the 5 elements represent a power or archetypal energy available to us. experiencing these qualities and learning to bring the 5 elements into a state of harmonic balance, opens up new, hidden or long forgotten dimensions of our own being and allows us to fully develop our true potential.

the process is about integration at and of all the layers of our existence. the tattwas are intimately linked to the five senses, and therefore it becomes possible to live fully in our sensorial world but no longer be overwhelmed by the impact of the sense experiences, that so often lead to emotional distress:

° to use our discriminative power to select,

filter and enhance life experiences

° to learn to transform our sensibility and move towards a more creative use of our emotions.

the experience acts as a springboard to a better understanding of the more positive aspects to one's personality. this allowing the participants to leave with the precious keys that open the doors to their own growth as mature, responsible and creative beings.

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